Monopoly GO Free Dice
Monopoly GO Free Dice

Unlocking Monopoly GO Free Dice: The Ultimate Guide

Who doesn’t love Monopoly? The classic board game has brought friends and families together for decades, causing laughter, friendly competition, and sometimes a bit of rivalry. Now, with Monopoly GO, the beloved game has entered the digital world. One of the most exciting features of this online version is the chance to earn free dice rolls. Wondering how to get the most out of Monopoly GO? Let’s dive into the ins and outs of scoring those coveted free dice. Monopoly GO Free Dice

Understanding Monopoly GO

Monopoly GO brings the charm of the Monopoly GO Free Dice original board game to your mobile device. It’s more than just rolling dice and moving pieces; it’s about strategizing, making deals, and conquering the board. The game offers a blend of nostalgia and new, engaging features, making it a hit among both new players and longtime fans.

Why Free Dice Rolls Matter

In Monopoly GO, dice rolls are your currency. They determine how far you can move on the board, what properties you can buy, and ultimately, how you progress in the game. Running out of dice can put a halt to your gameplay, which is why free dice rolls are so valuable. They keep the game moving and give you more opportunities to dominate the board.Monopoly GO Free Dice

Daily Bonuses: Your First Stop for Free Dice

One of the simplest ways to earn free dice rolls in Monopoly GO is through daily bonuses. Each day you log in, you receive a reward, which often includes free dice. These daily bonuses stack up, so make sure to check in every day. It’s a no-brainer way to keep your dice count healthy without much effort.

Completing Tasks and Missions

Monopoly GO frequently offers tasks and missions that reward players with free dice rolls upon completion. These can range from simple actions, like buying a certain number of properties, to more complex missions that require strategic play. Keep an eye on these tasks, as they not only give you dice but also help you progress faster in the game.

Inviting Friends for Extra Dice

Another great way to get free dice is by inviting friends to play Monopoly GO. The game often rewards you with bonus dice for each friend who joins through your invitation. Plus, playing with friends adds a social element to the game, making it even more fun and competitive.

Participating in Events

Monopoly GO regularly hosts in-game events that offer players the chance to win free dice rolls. These events can vary from limited-time challenges to special holiday-themed activities. Participating in these events not only gives you free dice but also spices up your gameplay with new and exciting content.

Watching Advertisements

If you don’t mind spending a bit of time, watching in-game advertisements is a straightforward method to earn free dice. While it might not be the fastest way to rack up dice, it’s an easy option when you’re running low and need a quick boost. Just watch a short ad, and you’ll be rewarded with extra rolls.

Joining Online Communities

Monopoly GO has a vibrant online community where players share tips, tricks, and freebies. Platforms like Reddit, Facebook groups, and Discord servers often have dedicated threads where players can exchange free dice codes. Joining these communities can provide you with a steady stream of extra dice and valuable insights into the game.

Utilizing Social Media

Follow Monopoly GO on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The game’s official accounts frequently post updates, events, and sometimes even promotional codes for free dice. Staying connected with these channels ensures you won’t miss out on any opportunities for extra rolls.

Redeeming Promo Codes

Occasionally, Monopoly GO releases promo codes that players can redeem for free dice. These codes are often shared during special events or through the game’s social media pages. Keep an eye out for these codes and redeem them promptly, as they sometimes have expiration dates.

Making In-App Purchases Wisely

While this guide focuses on free methods, it’s worth mentioning that Monopoly GO offers in-app purchases for dice rolls. If you’re willing to spend a bit of money, these purchases can provide a significant boost. However, make sure to take advantage of sales and bundles to get the best value for your money.

Managing Your Dice Efficiently

Now that you know how to get free dice, it’s important to use them wisely. Don’t just roll the dice aimlessly; plan your moves strategically. Prioritize buying high-value properties and completing sets to maximize your earnings. Efficient dice management can make a big difference in your overall success in Monopoly GO.

Staying Patient and Persistent

Finally, remember that earning free dice takes patience and persistence. While it might be tempting to rush and buy dice rolls, the satisfaction of earning them through gameplay is much more rewarding. Keep at it, and you’ll find yourself with a healthy stash of free dice in no time.


Monopoly GO has taken the classic board game experience to new heights, and free dice rolls are a crucial part of enjoying this digital adventure. By taking advantage of daily bonuses, completing tasks, inviting friends, and participating in events, you can keep your dice count high and your gameplay smooth. Don’t forget to engage with the online community and follow the game on social media for even more opportunities. With these tips in hand, you’re ready to roll the dice and conquer the Monopoly GO board. Happy gaming!

Monopoly GO Free Dice


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